Food Memory

Today I visited a restaurant named Tierras Colombianas in Astoria, Queens. At first appearance, the restaurant seemed very family oriented and cozy. Upon entering there are great paintings on the wall and the same with ceiling. The waiter seated me in an area with glass surrounding the entire right side of the restaurant. It captures the beauty of the neighborhood like the trees, stores, and the sky. For my appetizer I ordered a salad. It consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and lemon juice as the light dressing. Next I ordered fried calamari which was incredible! It was fried perfectly. It was crispy, non greasy, and surprisingly light. I then ordered a colombian soda called “Postobon” which again, is amazing. It has typical gas in a regular soda, but it taste like apples! Sweet and delicious. For my main course I ordered a typical Colombian platter called Bandeja Paisa. It has skirt steak, pork rind, rice, beans, egg, arepa (corn cake) and a slice of avocado. Even though the meat is cooked well done, it is succulent, a has a buttery consistency. No dessert today, but money well spent. The waiter was very patient and nice. I gave him that tip you know 🙂


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